Stewardship Prayer

“Almighty and ever-faithful Lord, gratefully acknowledging Your mercy and humbly admitting our need, we pledge our trust in You and in each other. Filled with desire, the Roman Catholic parish of St. Mary of the Woods responds to Your call for discipleship by shaping our lives in imitation of Christ. We profess that the call requires us to be stewards of Your gifts. As stewards, we receive Your gifts gratefully, cherish and tend them in a responsible manner, share them in practice and love with others, and return them with increase to you, Lord. We pledge to our ongoing formation as stewards and our responsibility to call others to that same endeavor.  Almighty and ever-faithful God, it is our fervent hope and prayer that You who have begun the good work in us will bring to fulfillment in Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Stewardship Witness Talks – 2023

Stewardship Witness Talk 1 –

Leslie Leonard

Stewardship Witness Talk 2 –

Tara Kirkpatrick

Stewardship Witness Talk 3 –

Cory Smith

Stewardship Witness Talk 4 –

Brad Pedley